A Programming, Simulation and Manipulation Environment for the MIT Programmable Brick

LEGOsheets is an educational environment exploring new paradigms to program autonomous computer toys based on the MIT Programmable Brick. Simpler and more interactive than Logo-based approaches, LEGOsheets allows kids to define complex behaviors as IF-THEN rules and interact with sensor and effector information using live direct manipulation interfaces. LEGOsheets is an Agentsheets application.

LEGOsheets was developed by the LEGOgang, four undergraduates in the Computer Science Department, here at the University of Colorado at Boulder, as part of their senior project. LEGOsheets was sponsored by Prof.Alexander Repenning of the Center for LifeLong Design and Learning.

More Information

Report: First Semester Reflections:

Initial report analyzing existing toy programming approaches including LEGODacta, and MIT Brick Logo at a middle school in Boulder. Design and rationale of rule-based approach.


Goals of this research. Motivation, flow, skills and challenges in programming.


Gindling, J., A. Ioannidou, J. Loh, O. Lokkebo, et al., "LEGOsheets: A Rule-Based Programming, Simulation and Manipulation Environment for the LEGO Programmable Brick," Proceeding of Visual Languages, Darmstadt, Germany, IEEE Computer Society Press, 1995, pp. 172-179.

If you need more information, please contact Andri Ioannidou andri@cs.colorado.edu at the University of Colorado.

What You Can Do With LEGOsheets

With the MIT Programmable Brick and LEGOsheets you can do amazing things! Take a look at some of our creations:

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