Yunwen  YE

Research Associate

Center for LifeLong Learning and Design

Department of Computer Science

University of Colorado

Boulder, CO80309-0430, USA

Chief Researcher

SRA Key Technology Laboratory, Inc.

(Tokyo headquarters)

3-12, Yotsuya, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0004, Japan

(Boulder office)

2299 Peral Street, Suite 400,

Boulder, CO80302, USA

About Myself

I received the Ph.D. degree in computer science from University of Colorado at Boulder, in 2001. Gerhard Fischer, director of Center for LifeLong Learning and Design was my advisor. Currently, I am visiting the same center as a post-doctoral researcher.

I received the B.Sc. and Master degrees from the Department of Computer Science at Fudan University, Shanghai, China. I then worked as a faculty member in the same department before I joined SRA in 1993.

I also work for SRA Key Technology Laboratory, Inc, a subsidiary company of Software Research Associates, Inc.



The overarching research theme of mine is the cognitive and social aspects of software development, viewing software development as knowledge intensive activities and knowledge collaboration by a group of people.


In particular, I have been working on the following fields:


Dynamic Community

Dynamic community is a new conceptual framework that supports knowledge collaboration. It integrates the traditional knowledge management approach in which knowledge is formalized and accumulated in knowledge repositories, and the community-based knowledge collaboration approach in which knowledge is transferred through informal community participation and human contacts. The dynamic community theory takes into full consideration individual knowledge workers’ ever-changing needs for new knowledge  as well as the role of social relationship of knowledge workers in effective knowledge collaboration.

Software Reuse

Software reuse improves both the productivity and quality of software development. For software reuse to success, developers must be able to locate, comprehend and then integrate components from an often very large component repository. I am interested in developing new component repository systems that can be smoothly integrated with current development process and environment, and that encourage and assist software developers to reuse.

Open Source Software

Open Source Software is developed by a large number of volunteers. I am interested in understanding what motivates software developers to participate in OSS development, what kind of socio-technical environments are needed for the sustainable development of OSS systems and communities, and what are the implications for software engineering research, education, and practice.

Information-Enriched Workspace

Easy access to external information is essential to the performance of many information-intensive activities conducted in computer application systems. However, information repository systems that support the retrieval of external information are often researched as a self-contained problem with no consideration of the context where the information is applied. Information-enriched workspaces integrate the process of retrieving information from information repository systems and the process of applying information in computer application systems. In an information-enriched workspace, users can immediately access the information contextualized to their current task and background knowledge.


Ph.D. Dissertation


Supporting Component-Based Software Development with Active Component Repository Systems (HTML, PDF, Postscript(gzipped))

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