Ann Eisenberg

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Recent Publications:

My ResearchGate link is here.

Eisenberg, M. and Eisenberg, A.

Sensory Extension as a Tool for Cognitive Learning

In Handbook of Research on Maximizing Cognitive Learning through Knowledge Visualization (ed. A. Ursyn).  2015.

Eisenberg, M.; Eisenberg, A.; and Huang, Y.

Bringing E-Textiles into Engineering Education.

In Textile Messages: Dispatches from the World of E-Textiles and Education (eds. Y. Kafai, L. Buechley, K. Peppler, M. Eisenberg), Routledge, 2013.

All of my Thingiverse 3D printable sculpture files are available here.

HyperGami and JavaGami

are software environments built in collaboration with my husband, Mike Eisenberg, for the design of three-dimensional paper sculpture, and 3D-printable geometric forms.

The Integration of Computers and Crafts

The development of HyperGami and JavaGami has grown into a more general interest in exploring the way that computers can enhance the design of real-world “making”, crafting, and DIY.  My work in this area involves the integration of computation with many forms of media -- including wood, plaster, acrylic, and fabric.  Visit the Craft Technology Group’s website for more information about many different projects in these areas.  Thingiverse, Instructables, and the Make website are great resources and provide an introduction to the world of Makers.

Spatial Cognition

Creating HyperGami and JavaGami led us to investigate children’s spatial learning -- especially their conceptions about three-dimensional shapes, the way that they visualize the result of operations performed on shapes, and their hypotheses about the two-dimensional folding net counterparts of these shapes.  My particular research focus is in the design of software environments to help children become more effective spatial thinkers.  This was one of the chief motivations behind the design of JavaGami and is the topic of my dissertation research and other publications.


Sherry Hsi, The Concord Consortium, Paper Mechatronics

Hyunjoo Oh, Doctoral Student, CU ATLAS program

Jeeeun Kim, Doctoral Student, CU ATLAS program

paper penguins, generated in HyperGami, inkjet printed, and assembled into 3D form.

Designer-Paper Sculptor-3D Printing Developer

Co-Director, Craft Technology Lab


Department of Computer Science

University of Colorado, Boulder

Campus Box 430

Boulder, CO 80309-0430

Lab Location:

The Idea Forge

Fleming Building, Room 130E

2445 Kittredge Loop Road

Boulder, CO 80305

Red Bird generated in JavaGami and 3d printed with laser-cut embellishments.

Pineapple, generated in JavaGami,

3D printed on a LulzBot Taz 5.

Tulips, generated in JavaGami

3D printed on a LulzBot Taz 5.