Current Grants:

Math on a Sphere: an Interactive Exploration of 3D Surfaces for Public Audiences. National Science Foundation (Informal Science Education [ISE]), NSF Award DRL1114388. Nov. 2011-October 2013. Amount: $243,981/2 years.

with Co-PI W. DuBow, NCWIT
A Cultural Shift in Computer Science: Introducing Computation
through E-Textiles.  National Science Foundation.  February 2010-Feb. 2013.  [$398K/3 years]
PILOT:  Construction made Simple(r):  Interfaces, Devices, and Infrastructure for Beginning Fabrication.  National Science Foundation.  Sept. 2009-August 2012.  [$368K/3 years]

“Geometry on the Sphere: An Interactive Exploration of Non-Euclidean Ideas for K-12 Students”, CU Outreach, September 2008-August 2009. In collaboration with the Fiske Planetarium, CU Boulder. [$3300/1 yr.]

with Co-PI M. Gross, U. of Washington
Computationally-Enhanced Construction Kits:  Integrating Tangible and Computational Media for Construction and Design, NSF Grant EIA-0326054. Jan. 2004-Aug. 2009. [Total awarded: $1.8M/6 years]

Doctoral Students:

Yingdan Huang

Ben Leduc-Mills


Nwanua Elumeze, Ph.D. 2010

Sue Hendrix, Ph. D. 2008

Leah Buechley, Ph.D. 2007

Glenn Blauvelt, Ph.D. 2006

Tom Wrensch, Ph.D.2002

Chris DiGiano, Ph.D.1996

Julie Di Biase, Ph.D.1995