Current Grants:

Math on a Sphere: an Interactive Exploration of 3D Surfaces for Public Audiences. National Science Foundation (Informal Science Education [ISE]), NSF Award DRL1114388. Nov. 2011-October 2013. Amount: $243,981/2 years.

with Co-PI W. DuBow, NCWIT
A Cultural Shift in Computer Science: Introducing Computation
through E-Textiles.  National Science Foundation.  February 2010-Feb. 2013.  [$398K/3 years]
PILOT:  Construction made Simple(r):  Interfaces, Devices, and Infrastructure for Beginning Fabrication.  National Science Foundation.  Sept. 2009-August 2012.  [$368K/3 years]

“Geometry on the Sphere: An Interactive Exploration of Non-Euclidean Ideas for K-12 Students”, CU Outreach, September 2008-August 2009. In collaboration with the Fiske Planetarium, CU Boulder. [$3300/1 yr.]

with Co-PI M. Gross, U. of Washington
Computationally-Enhanced Construction Kits:  Integrating Tangible and Computational Media for Construction and Design, NSF Grant EIA-0326054. Jan. 2004-Aug. 2009. [Total awarded: $1.8M/6 years]

Doctoral Students:

Swamy Ananthanarayan

Hyunjoo Oh


Ben Leduc-Mills, Ph.D. 2014, SparkFun

Yingdan Huang, Ph.D. 2012, GroupOn

Nwanua Elumeze, Ph.D. 2010, Aniomagic

Sue Hendrix, Ph. D. 2008

Leah Buechley, Ph.D. 2007

Glenn Blauvelt, Ph.D. 2006

Tom Wrensch, Ph.D.2002, Google

Chris DiGiano, Ph.D.1996, Google

Julie Di Biase, Ph.D.1995