Popup Workshop 1.1 Registration

System Requirements for Popup Workshop 1.1 for Windows

Please fill out the fields below to register for PopUp Workshop. The information you send us will be kept strictly confidential -- it will be used for research purposes and for occasional notifications of bug fixes and new versions. Your information will not, under any circumstances, be sold, traded, or given away.

IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEND YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION (such as a name or address), please leave those fields blank, but please DO provide us with a valid CITY, STATE, and ZIP CODE.

If we receive too many "bogus" entries without at least a city, state, and zip code, we will have no choice but to make the software available by email request only.

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Please describe how you will make use of the software. If you are a teacher, we would appreciate knowing the grade level of your students, for instance.

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