Project 1
The first project is to build a moving mechanical automaton that incorporates computation in some way. We will be using the MIT (Blue Dot) Cricket, the Handy Cricket, and other small forms of computation.
As you work on your projects, we will be looking at the creations of the artists at the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre, the kinetic sculpture of Arthur Ganson, and the elegant ideas of Hiroshi Ishii.
Part of the idea of the first project is to get you used to thinking about STUFF -- don't be afraid to explore all kinds of STUFF like muscle wire, flash paper, springs, string, silly putty, timers, pumps, bearings, LEDs ... here is a link to a resource on STUFF that we've compiled over the years that we've done this course ... we want you to add your ideas to it.
Drinking Homer
Bike in Wind
Draw/Erase Cars
Back to the Future
Star Project! Star Project!
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