GEEN 1400:  Engineering Costumes

Professors:  Mike and Ann Eisenberg

TA:  Yingdan Huang

Craft Technology Group

Department of Computer Science

In one (narrow) sense, this is a project-based course focused on the design of wearable technology. We will incorporate novel mechanical and computational elements into various sorts of costumes and accessories. Projects might include (for example) "transforming" or "shape-shifting" costumes; sports uniforms with interesting computational displays; hats, shoes, gloves, or scarves with specialized dynamic behaviors; clothing designed for special purpose activities, such as musical performance, nighttime jogging, or medical care; or offbeat computationally-enriched Halloween costumes, just to name a few.

In the larger sense, this course is about the process of engineering: creating, critiquing, and revising design specifications; setting and following plausible timetables; working in teams; communicating and explaining one's ideas in a professional setting.