Invited Presidential Address at the 2011 AERA Annual Meeting:

Design Research Exploring Transformative Frameworks for Learning and Education


Learning and education are experiencing a period of profound transformation. Phenomena such as globalization, increasing trends to outsource high-level cognitive tasks, and the need to participate effectively in addressing complex world problems are changing how we think, learn, work, and collaborate. These challenges create new educational demands: students need to be educated for a diverse, technical, problem-oriented world that does not yet exist. It is imperative that students become self-directed, lifelong learners who can thrive and participate in collaborative environments with ever-changing disciplinary boundaries.

New technologies create learning opportunities that challenge traditional schools and colleges by creating new learning niches that enable people of all ages to pursue learning on their own terms, pursuing their particular goals and interests, and taking responsibility for their own learning. Fostering this kind of long tail inspired, rather than curriculum driven learning requires a rethinking of education. This symposium will explore the articulation, design, and assessment of innovative conceptual frameworks, new learning environments and new learning organizations to foster the social imagination of all stakeholders

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