This will be a discussion-based meeting in which Dick Byyny will present his experience with  (1) professional social networks related to physicians and scientists members in an organization; and (2) the Electronic Health Record pluses and minuses.
The following specific networks will serve as examples:
and we will discuss concepts such as the multi-dimensional nature of expertise as expressed by the following assertion:
“the health professional is an expert in identifying disease,
while the patient is an expert in experiencing it”

Pizza will be served!

One Response to Meeting 7/20/2011: Richard L. Byyny, M.D. FACP — Broadening our Understanding of Social Networks and Cultures of Participation

  1. Jason Zietz says:

    Continuing the discussion from today’s meeting…

    James Haywood’s Talk from the GoldLab 2011 Symposium:


    Abdesalam Soudi, a PhD studentin the Linguistics department at the University of Pittsburgh, is studying Doctor Patient Computer Interaction (DPCI):

    Here’s a new iPad application for medical records:

    Feel free to add more below!

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