Protest and Reform

Self-Assessment for Simulation Project


Complete the following as accurately and honestly as possible. Carla, Andri, Alex, Tim, and I have been attentive during all of our work sessions and have our own impressions of the quantity and quality of your work. This document will be taken seriously when we assign a final grade for the project and class.

1. What, specifically, did you contribute to the creation of your Simulation; i.e. exactly what can you point to in the simulation as being something that you actually did? We are looking for very picky details here and expect that others in your group would agree with your listings, and that you would agree with theirs.






2. What, specifically, did you contribute to the creation of your Web Page? Same expectation for details.






3. What grade (A=exceeds expectations, B=meets expectations, C=below expectations) would you give the project and yourself for the work you contributed to the simulation and web page? Remember that a great deal of classtime was provided so, by definition, you couldn't exceed expectations if you did little (or nothing) outside of class OR you couldn't really meet expectations if you did little during classtime. Assign a grade and clearly and completely defend it on the back of this sheet.