This project was created by Josh Brancheau, Abi Wharton, and Firuz Kamalov as part of the 20th Century History class at New Vista High School. In this class, we had an opportunity to study the social history of the 20th Century.

It is a project presenting the history of the automobile and its impact on the 20th Century. The Web pages contain two interactive simulations: the Automobile simulation and the the Suburban Growth simulation, created using the AgentSheets simulation environment. These web pages also contain some historical background on the automobile and its impacts on society, economy and environment, and some historical background on the growth of suburbs.

Josh and Abi working on their simulations

These projects were created with the guidance of John Zola, a social studies teacher at New Vista High School, and the support of Andri Ioannidou from the Center for LifeLong Learning and Design at the Computer Science Department of theUniversity of Colorado at Boulder and AgentSheets Inc.. Curtis Sasson also contributed some of the information for the creation of the web pages.

Information for the web pages was gathered from:

introduction | history | timeline | impact on commerce | negative impacts | suburbia | automobile simulation | suburbs simulation