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Grant Title: Shared Interaction in Support of Design, Learning, and Planning
Sponsor: National Science Foundation-CISE Instrumentation
Ernesto Arias, Hal Eden, and Gerhard Fischer
Period of Support:


Project Summary

A set of prototype InterSim (Interactive Simulation) workstations, each composed of a large interactive surface and multiple interactors, are being developed. These systems allow us to study new paradigms of interaction with simulations with an emphasis upon shared interaction to mediate social aspects of learning, design, and planning. These paradigms integrate the use of physical objects - to support and encourage face-to-face interaction among the participants - with virtual objects - to provide computational support for the model underlying the simulation. When linked across a network, these systems can also allow the interaction both with simulations and among individuals at a distance.

A two-phase prototyping process is being used: First, an initial version utilizing front-surface projection is being developed, allowing us to deal with some of the software and device controller issues and demonstrating the applicability of the approach. Subsequent development will utilize newer technology to create a back-imaged system to resolve shadowing problems.

To test and guide its development, applications of the technology are underway in the form parallel efforts in the areas of Conflict Resolution, Decision Making and Planning; Learning by Design: Cross-Cultural Science Classroom Interchange; and Human-Centered, Intelligent Agents Supporting Communication and Collaboration.

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