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Grant Title: Beyond Object-Oriented Programming: A Knowledge-Based Architecture for Contextualized Software Design
Sponsor: Colorado Advanced Software Institute (CASI)
Gerhard Fischer
Period of Support: September 1992 - August 1994


Project Summary

Object-oriented design is seen as a "new" solution to the problems of software engineering. The premise is that large libraries of software components can be built and subsequently reused and redesigned.

However, empirical evidence has shown that object-oriented design does not work as expected. While it is a necessary methodology in support of reuse, redesign and evolution of complex software systems, it is not sufficient.

The goal of the proposed project is to develop conceptual frameworks and prototype systems to overcome the limitations of current approaches. Our work will support contextualized software design by creating three integrated, knowledge-based tools to support software designers in locating, comprehending, and modifying software components relevant to their task at hand.

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