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Grant Title: Computational Frameworks and Computational Support for Organizational Memories and Organizational Learning (OMOL)
Sponsor: National Science Foundation-CISE/IRI: Information Technology and Organizations
Gerhard Fischer, Jonathan Ostwald, and Gerry Stahl
Period of Support: September 1997 - August 2000


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Project Summary

This project will investigate computer support for learning, working, and collaborating in information-intensive organizations. It will focus on communities of practice as subgroups within and across organizations. We will work with specific communities to design, test, and reflect upon organizational memories to support organizational learning. Examples of such organizational memories are intranets to support LAN management teams, groups of students engaged in WWW research, meterologists sharing data, or interdisciplanary research centers.

The project will work with specific communities of practice to study their actual and potential learning processes. Based on the interpretation and assessment of these observations, and theories from the research literature or from our own previous work, we will develop and articulate a new conceptual framework for computational support of organizational learning. To assess and develop this framework, organizational memories will be prototyped in collaboration with the communities and assessed in naturalistic settings.

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