CSCI 5582


The readings for this class are taken from a wide range of areas in Artificial Intelligence. For each reading, we ask that you send a 3/4 - 1 page response by email with your thoughts and feedback about it. We want your opinions, not a summary of what was read.

Readings are graded on the following scale:

If you did the reading and turned in a satisfactory response, you'll receive a "v". If you get v's for all of the readings, then you'll get full credit for the readings portion of the class.

If your response is especially thoughtful, it will get a v+/v or if it is extremely well-done, a v+. These grades are sort of "extra credit": at the end of the semester when we calculate the final grades, if you are on the borderline and show a good number of v+/v or v+ reading responses, we'll give you the higher grade.

Reading responses with a v-/v or v- mean that it isn't clear that you've read/understand the reading.

Here are links to selected class responses:

To facilitate class discussion, pick any one of the responses posted (Bobrow, Searle/Turing) and respond to it. Do you agree with the author? Disagree? Why or why not? Can you draw upon your own personal experience/reading to support or refute the response?

This part of the readings is voluntary, but it is to your advantage to mull over what classmates have written. As an incentive, these responses can be worth brownie points -- a thoughtful response can raise a "v" to a "v+/v" or a "v+/v" to a "v+".

Submit by email to Ann by 11/21/97.

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