CSCI 5582: Artificial Intelligence

Fall 1996


Last Update 9/25/96
Mike Eisenberg and GerhardFischer
Fall Semester 1996
Monday + Wed 4:00-5:15pm, CATECS

Note: We will try to stick as closely as possible to this syllabus. We will inform the class in time about possible modifications/updates as they are required or desired.

The project/assignment dates are subject to change but we will give you plenty of advance warning!!

Sept 25: Logic 1 Sept 30: Logic 2 Problem Set 2 handed out
Oct 2: Mike Logic 3 Oct 7: Mike Reasoning under uncertainty Oct 9: Mike Qualitative Reasoning Oct 14: Gerhard Learning 1: Learning in Humans and Machines (chapter 18 in Russell/Norvig) Oct 16: Gerhard Learning 2: "Learning in Neural Nets" (chapter 19 in Russell/Norvig) Guest Lecture by Mike Mozer Oct 21: Gerhard Learning 3: "Reinforcement Learning" (chapter 20 in Russell/Norvig) Guest Lecture by Satinder Singh Problem Set 2: one page documentation of a running program due Oct 23: Gerhard Learning 4: Learner-Centered Design (chapter 21 in Russell/Norvig) Discussion of Projects Oct 28: Gerhard Agents, Videogames, and Interactive Simulations Guest Lecture by Alex Repenning Problem Set 2 due Oct 30: Gerhard Domain-Oriented Design Environments: Research Issues and Examples Guest Lecture by Gerry Stahl
Nov 4: Mike Vision 1 Project Proposal due Nov 6: Mike Vision 2 Nov 11: Gerhard Communication 1 -- Natural Language Processing Comments of Bobrow paper due Nov 13: Gerhard Communication 2 -- Critiquing Nov 18: Mike Spatial Cognition/Navigation Nov 20: Mike Game Theory Nov 25: Gerhard Communication 3 -- Creativity Project Progress Report due Nov 27: Gerhard Communication 4: AI and the World-Wide Web
Dec 2: Gerhard AI and Design Dec 4: Mike AI and Education Dec 9: Mike Artificial Life Final Report on Project Due Dec 11: Mike/Gerhard AI and Philosophy (chapter 26 and 27 in Russell/Norvig)