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MAPS (Memory Aiding Prompting System)
Stefan Carmien
Genevieve Hudak
MAPS (Memory Aiding Prompting System) is a system for providing support to persons with cognitive disabilities by guiding them through prompted tasks. The MAPS system uses scripts made up of a sequence of visual and auditory prompts to step the user through a given task. MAPS scripts run on a PDA platform and are created, shared, and stored using an application running on a PC. The MAPS system is multimodal, and uses wireless networking to adaptively respond to changes in the environment. MAPS provides adaptive prompting on a PDA platform and appropriate and useable tools for creating, maintaining, and sharing prompting scripts, with an aim to create a collaborative community around its use.
4/1/03: Coleman Site Visit
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1/31/02: HCIC (Human Computer Interaction Consortium) 2002 Winter Workshop presentation
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6/14/01: CLever retreat presentation
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4/12/01: Project Report
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1/23/01: Status Report
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10/25/00: Status Report
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6/19/00: Thesis Report
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